Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duke Girls Search Austin for Best Manners

I spent this weekend in Austin visiting a college friend with five of my other Duke girlfriends. We happened upon a situation which we unanimously voted as "the best manners we encountered all weekend".

It's hard to accept a compliment, isn't it?  But once a day, or once a week, we're paid a compliment and what do we do?  We say, "Oh, not really....." or  "Thank you,
but.......".   The appropriate way to
accept a compliment is to do so with the same kindness used to give you the compliment. Accept it Graciously.

Here's our story:

We were in a very large dressing room - in a kind of
commons area of the dressing room in a clothing store.  A few of us were sitting on a couch watching our friends try things on. A cute young Austinite came out of her room in a beautiful dress. And when we told her she looked great, she did not blither and blather about the fact that she didn't  - or that she didn't like this or didn't like that - which is what all of us normally would do. She simply said to us with a smile, "Thank you! That is so nice of y'all!" and she went back inside her dressing room.

Simply and tastefully done.

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