Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breaking Bread

A short posting this week.

Some technical glitches came up with printing the first run of the lovelymanners placemats this weekend.  I want them to be PERFECT, so I pulled the job late Saturday night and will continue once we figure out how to fix what was going on.  A great Saturday night I had I have to say -  sitting in a room at a printing company in North Carolina!  I had plenty of time to proofread our copy again for the umpteenth time, and reading one of our manners reminded me of something I had seen earlier in the weekend.

When you are out in a restaurant - or even at home - do you
know how to pick up a roll, butter it, and eat it?  I watched someone pick up a roll, pull it in half, place one half in their palm, butter the entire piece from which they then started eating.  As our placemats say......Yuck!   And, as out placemats also say, "Put a pat of butter on the side of your plate. BREAK OFF A PIECE OF BREAD and butter and eat just that piece! Then break off another piece."

That pretty much describes how it should be done, doesn't it?  So when you pick up your roll next time, remember to break off a bite-sized piece, butter just that piece, put your knife down, and pop the bite into your mouth.  Continue just that way.  It is rather gross to see someone buttering a half a roll and taking a huge bite from it.  And as I've said before, it's all about being considerate to others - let's not gross each other out at the table.


  1. Bummer! Typo - not on the placemats but on my Blog posting. I meant "our" rather than "out"!!! Sorry!

  2. No worries Jill,
    You will find you have sweet editors out their who will pick up typos that you will have blind spots for. All is forgiven, because the most important thing is your content! I am adding you to my Blogroll of favorites right now.


  3. Dear Jill -love the modern up to date look on the placemats. Jamie said that is what it needed and you did it. Way to go Manners Queen.....M. Day

  4. Jill, can I take you to my next business dinner?!

  5. Eric- People are afraid to eat with me now - you may not want me there! Mack - Please tell Jamie thank you! And Debbi, I'm adding you to my BlogRoll once I figure out how. Women- check out DivaDebbi's Blog at


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