Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Manners over Good Grades - Even A Question?

Just heard about a new study that was just done - as if it even needed to be done!?
This morning, on a segment on the Today Show, three "professionals"/guests were asked to comment on an NBCU study showing that 77% of moms interviewed said they would prefer their children to have good manners over good grades.  Two of the three Today Show guests agreed that good manners were more important - but one guest actually said she thought good grades
were truly more important.  She said she believed good grades would get you a better job in the end and she would take good grades any day. Matt Lauer said although he doesn't usually disagree with this guest, he strongly believes, "Good manners get you in the door" everytime. Thumbs up to Matt and to the study!  Wonder what would happen if this woman's child went to a lunch interview and didn't know a lot of really basic essential table manners listed on our lovelymanners placemats…..would the kid get the job? Hmmmm.

Hey, to make this point more powerful for you, make sure you do praise your kids when they are displaying good manners - tell them they get an A+! That's absolutely a grade worth making!

Here is a link to the study on Manners Over Grades:  NBCU Study Link

What do you think?  Manners or Grades???

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