Monday, May 23, 2011

Use this QR Code & Test Your lovelymanners Skills!

"Test Your lovelymanners Skills Right Now! Scan Me!"

Hey, everyone. While I'm waiting for the placemats to be packaged this week - yes, they are really going to be up on the site and for sale by next week! - I've been diligently thinking about new ways to sell and market.  And the computer geek that I am (for people who know me, they KNOW I actually am!), I've become really fascinated with these new QR codes and QR readers.  QR stands for Quick Response Code - you've probably started seeing them in magazine and newspaper ads...and they're going to start showing up at points of sale - just watch!

So I decided to generate my own QR code and I'm going to put it on stickers on the outside of my placemat packaging - The
copy next to it will say "Test Your lovelymanners Skills Right Now! Scan Me!"  (You will be able to use your mobile device to scan the packaging sticker - or right now hold your device up and scan the code on your computer screen!)

The next time you're in a store, here is what you, the savvy purchaser, will do as you're standing next to a friend. "Oh, there's a QR code. Let's scan it!"  You'll whip out your iphone or Blackberry or Droid - to which you've downloaded any of a dozen free apps that are QR Code Readers, open your app, and it will immediately scan and recognize the code - taking you directly to the new website/webstore and specifically to the new "Quiz" page.  Some of the readers require you to tap "scan" - and some of them immediately open the camera on your device and just holding it up to the code reader prompts your device to scan it - you'll hear a noise telling you it's been recognized, and the next thing you know, you'll be taking the quiz!

Try it out right now and test your knowledge!  Open any of the following apps, hold them up to your computer screen, and let the app see the QR Code at the top of my blog. The free code reader apps on the iphone I've been using are Qrafter and I-nigma - both of these recognize the code as soon as you hold the open app up to it and will take you directly to my Quiz page.  On the blackberry, I'm using ScanLife - when you open this app, you'll click a picture of the code, and then instantly, your device will recognize what it is and take you right to the Quiz!

HAVE FUN testing your lovelymanners!!!! :)

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