Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm "OK" with Bread Plates and Drinks

When you sit down at the table, do you often look and think, "Whose bread plate is whose....I can't remember how this works." And, "whose glass is whose?"   Well, here's a really easy way to remember.  I learned this little trick in my training (for those of you who know me, no, it is NOT the napkin trick) and it is one of the things that will ALWAYS stick with me now - I hope it helps you too!  I know it's helped some of my friends with whom I've recently dined!

With your hands in your lap, discreetly make the "OK" sign with your right hand.  Keeping that OK sign there, make another one with your left hand.  Now look at what you have in your lap......

A small letter "b" and a small letter "d".  Let these stand for "bread" and "drink".  Now whenever you can't remember, do the OK signs, look down at your lap, and it will tell you that the bread plate is always on your left....and your drink is always on your right.

Happy Dining!


  1. Jill: Please comment on whether it is acceptable to eat bacon with ones fingers...also, same question for shrimp as in shrimp cocktails.
    Thank you.

  2. Jill Bayer CiporinApril 6, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    Yes, it's ok to eat both bacon and shrimp cocktail with your fingers. BUT, if the shrimp is in a meal and not served as shrimp cocktail, you should eat it with a fork. The same goes for bacon - if it is inside a meal or wrapped around something it should be eaten with a fork. If it's served as a side to your breakfast, you can eat with your fingers. And REMEMBER, if you do eat these things with your fingers, do not lick your fingers when you are finished. Please use your napkin to wipe your hands!

  3. You mention the napkin trick; could you please explain what is it?
    Thanks, A.


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